Launching Discipleship Ministries

Women are searching to connect to the Lord, to others and to a local body of believers. Sadly, a woman can walk in the doors to church, give it a few weeks and if she doesn’t have her questions about God answered or connect with others who can understand her struggles, she may give up. “I tried the God thing. I went to church, I tried to understand, no one seemed to notice me…”

Now imagine that same woman (let’s call her Susie) walks into your church. Your church is dedicated to following Christ’s call to ‘make disciples’. Your church has an army of women who have been trained in the basics of faith in Christ and they are on the look out for women to meet with, to care for and to disciple.

During Susie’s first visit she is invited to lunch by numerous women. One of them she seems to really click with. That woman (let’s call her Kelly) asks if she would like to met regularly and go through a 6 week Bible study called Start Here. She will use the Start Here material to disciple Susie in basic foundational lessons such as God’s love, Christ’s forgiveness of sins, the role of the Holy Spirit, why she can trust the Bible and her role in the Great Commission.

In lesson two, Jesus is the way to the father, Susie puts her faith in Christ. Her sins are forgiven, her life is changing! She is continually being loved on weekly by Kelly and she is connecting to the larger body of Christ by attending Sunday services and perhaps a Bible study or home group.

The then golden day comes! Prompted by the Holy Spirit Susie says to Kelly, “It’s time for me to pay it forward! I am not sure where I would be had you not invited me to lunch that day a few years ago. I met a woman who decided to visit our church last week. I want to pull out my Start Here book and go through the lessons with her. I want to disciple her!”

Wherever your church or organization is at in the realm of discipleship I want to help. Perhaps you have a desire to start a discipleship ministry but are unsure where to begin. You may have a discipleship ministry that needs some help. With over 20 years of discipleship experience, directing women’s ministries, and running a women’s home I have the encouragement, lift and resources you may need.

My landmark book, Discipling Women is the go to book in how to disciple women. Then Start Here Six Foundational Lessons for Growth in Christ, answers the question-What do I do with my disciple? This 6 week Bible study will help you and your new disciple get off the the right start.

Discipleship is a deep passion of mine and I would love to talk and connect more with the dreams you may have for discipleship in your church or organization!

To contact Lori to speak to your event or consult about discipleship in your chruch or ministry email:

Whether speaking, training, or discipling, Lori brings a passion to see women raised up to be all they can be in the Lord, teaching to women of all ages on a wide variety of topics. She currently makes her home in Katy, TX, with her husband Alan and two young children Josh and Jake.